Camera Systems

Camera systems are a very important part of any security system in a home or business.  They can deter potential criminals from committing crimes just because of their presence.  They can also catch people in the act of committing crimes or activities that should not be done.  Today’s DVRs do not use a VHS tape like they have in the past.  They now use digital video files stored on a hard drive inside of a DVR system.  These DVRs can have as much hard drive space as needed to record the maximum amount of time required.  Today’s DVRs can also be viewed from offsite using an internet browser or a client software.

At Tech Enterprises, we have the experience and the staff to help you with your camera needs.  Different camera systems provide different results.  From a fixed view camera, to a pan/tilt/zoom camera that allows you full control over the viewing area, we have the know how to accommodate you.