Network & Security Analysis

We believe our assessments provide better value to the business manager. By understanding the business loss potential, practical decisions can be made about how to invest in making improvements.

In contrast, most of these assessments provide reports on operating systems performance, network configuration problems, and server configuration problems. The resulting report typically consists of lists regarding denial of service attacks, misuse of resources via broken passwords, and the actions network administrators need to take to fix them. Some assessments include penetration tests with comparable results including bad passwords, operating system patches, and network holes. Occasionally, these reports will provide information on applications such as mail servers, web servers, and database servers.

Tech Enterprise’s expert team captures the essence of our IT strategy for our customers. Tech Enterprises uses its Business Information Technology Assessment methodology to help customers identify where IT infrastructure vulnerabilities exist, their business impact, and what should be done to maximize their business potential.

We are uniquely positioned to provide IT support for a full range of business needs through our wide range of vendor products, access to numerous service providers, and unique ability to assess and secure custom, high-end enterprise and operations applications.